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New Infant Dishes

Things are going about as well as could be expected around here considering the circumstances.  We are learning to pull together as a family.  God is teaching me so many difficult but beautiful lessons from this experience which I will share in the future.

I have made a number of changes to our home over the last two months to ensure Lockelan has an appropriate measure of safety while still allowing for freedom to learn.  Given his diagnosis of severe hemophilia, I was no longer comfortable giving him breakable dishware as I have with my other two.  We have only broken a handful of pieces over the last five years.  However, it simply wasn't worth the risk so I went on the hunt for an alternative.

I stumbled across the Green Toys Dish Set, mostly because I was looking to replace the breakable dish set in the children's play kitchen.  As I read the reviews I noticed that several families used them for meals.  As someone who is rather particular with toxins and plastics I read through the details and was pleasantly surprised.  The materials used are food grade HDPE and made in the US.  Not only that but the set is economical.  For around $20 on Amazon you get 4 sets of plates, bowls, cups, forks, knives and spoons.

I was excited to receive them.  They are thick and sturdy.  They are sized perfectly for the smallest hands. So how much do we love the set? This much:

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