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I am a home schooling mom to three amazing kiddos.  We primarily use the Montessori pedagogy to guide our journey.  We also enjoy aspects of classical education and are part of Classical Conversations community. 

I write a Montessori column for Practical Homeschooling Magazine.

I am still a geek at heart and at times miss my former career as an Information Architect/SharePoint Specialist.  I don't have much free time but if I do, it is spent on comic books and video games.

Grace and Green Pastures

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Exploring History Through the Great Lessons - Giveaway!

Exploring History Through the Great Lessons - Giveaway!

The Five Great Lessons in Montessori are a unique addition to the elementary years which span f...
The Biology of Learning

The Biology of Learning

Biology is an important topic for children.  Maria Montessori found that children were highly intere...
The Elementary Fraction Cabinet

The Elementary Fraction Cabinet

If there is one thing I get asked about the most in my school room, it's the large cabinet se...
Classroom Reveal

Classroom Reveal

For the last few months, our household has been foc...
Montessori and CC - 2 Year Review

Montessori and CC - 2 Year Review

We are about to embark on our 3rd year of Classical Conversations .  It's been a good experience...
DIY Montessori Bells

DIY Montessori Bells

When I first began my journey with Montessori, I was aware that there was a set of bells that w...