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Our Family

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Our story is one of surprises and shifting expectations.  But most all, we hope that our story is one of grace.

My husband Matt and I have been married for 15 years now after meeting as percussionists in band at college.  He works full time as a software architect and writes science fiction and fantasy on the side. I enjoyed my career as an Information Architect and spent many years growing a ministry based dance program before the Lord blessed us with children.

Since I've already written about our Montessori journey here, I won't recount all of it.  The short story is that I became interested in Montessori when our first was an infant.  We decided to incorporate the philosophy at home.  When she was diagnosed with a serious, chronic illness at 27 months of age, we agreed to pursue home education to the fullest extent.   We have worked to provide a peaceful home and integrate the Montessori philosophy.  It is quite a challenge for a couple who had vastly different childhood experiences.

To assist with my journey, I took online primary training from World Wide Montessori; now known as KHT Montessori.  I also attended a paraprofessional course through Montessori Garden Academy.  I am currently taking an online elementary course through Keys of the Universe.  I also write the Montessori column for Practical Homeschooling Magazine.   

We have also added a classical education based program to our mix called Classical Conversations.  It has been a fantastic compliment to our Montessori work as well as an opportunity to have a local connection to other home schooling families.  

Our life path has been profoundly altered by the serious nature of our children's medical needs.  Two out of our three children are legally disabled, although you would never tell by looking at them.  Our journey is stressful at times, but we do our best to lean on God.  He rains grace upon our family at every turn.

I strive to be honest about our challenges.  Life is messy.  I truly desire that everyone can find a niche where they feel heard and supported.  And of course, as a Montessori enthusiast, I want to see the Montessori Method widely available to all.

I wholeheartedly support bringing Montessori into our home, but I'll admit it intimidates me at times.  I'm trying to be more than just a stamp of approval for how we educate: "Sure, sure, honey, Maria whatever sounds great; now move to the left before the Colts get a touchdown."  Instead, I want to understand the terminology and be an active member in our pedagogical approach.  (I'm a writer; I had to use a word like pedagogical.)

I wish I had more time for video games and comic books, but I'm still a geek at heart.  Transitioning to a stay at home role has been interesting.  My biggest struggle by far is patience.  I love learning as much as I can about Montessori's work but the more I learn, the more I realize I don't know!

Our Beautiful Children

Elora is seven years old.  She loves art, designing animation and video games.  She has recently developed a passion for karate and is a fierce competitor.  She adores all things science and loves helping teach her younger brothers.  Elora is currently being treated for juvenile arthritis, but she doesn't let her disability slow her down.

William is five years old.  He loves dinosaurs, cars and anything that transforms.  He is the poet of the family and is often deeply moved by music.  William is always looking for a way to help around the house and loves prepping dinner.  He is full of energy and may be a parkour enthusiast in the making.  

Lockelan is three years old.  He is exceptionally jovial and loves to sing his heart out.  He's highly independent and loves copying his older siblings for better or worse.  Lockelan is a severe hemophiliac with a long list of life-threatening food allergies.  Despite these challenges, he faces life head on.