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Our Favorite Language Arts Supplements

One of the many reasons I homeschool is so I can tailor the approach to each child.  Our core Montessori work is Keys of the World and Keys of the Universe.  It's a fantastic, comprehensive program.  As we have walked that path of studying language arts, I've found a number of options that have enhanced our studies and met specific needs for each child.

Reading Instruction

A Pathway for the Exploration of Any Language Leading to Writing and Reading by Muriel I. Dwyer
This small booklet gives you every step you need to walk a young child through the reading process.  It is brilliant in its simplicity, which makes it such a beautiful resource for homeschooling families.

Spell to Write and Read
I've had an interesting path to reading with my oldest.  There were a lot of things that contributed to an early reading reluctance, which is something I partly blame myself for.  Once I stepped away, she came to embrace it on her own.  Now she's pushing me for more each day.  As much as I love the early Montessori program, having an older child who is digging into the process is a bit different.

I stumbled onto Spell to Write and Read a few months ago.  I was intrigued since it follows the same path as Montessori which is learning to first spell which leads to writing and eventually reading.  My daughter is needing a strong structure and this provides it without departing from the Montessori process that I enjoy.  It's also easy to plug in favorites such as the moveable alphabet.  I love the phonogram CD that comes with the set.  Hearing the sounds correctly is critical and this has helped me confidently pronounce key sounds for my children.


Miss Ronda's Readers
This is by far my favorite early reader set.  This series fits perfectly with the phonograph approach of Montessori.  The stories are far more interesting and engaging than the standard early reader.

American Language Series
We're newer to this series but I like the way they progress from book to book.  Each book is a collection of stories which lends to more of a chapter book feel.  The stories are written in a classic style and are interesting to my children.

Me and Thee Studios
This is a charming collection of leveled readers that recount Biblical stories.  This is a great option if you'd like to add Christian themed readers.

Cursive Penmanship

While I think practical life and the metal insets are keys to approaching penmanship, my children do enjoy workbooks from time to time.  The challenge is that many cursive options are geared to much older children.  The prescript collection from Classical Conversations is great for those who introduce cursive first.  The coloring book is a great starting place and affordable.

Cursive Logic
This is a newer cursive program that can be used for younger children.  I was impressed with the way it broke down cursive letters in similar collections.  It reminds me of the green boards approach that is used in my Montessori albums.  At the same time, this has added a bit more structure and extra practice.

I hope you find something useful here.

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