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February School Update

February was an interesting month for us.  We surprised the kids with a trip to Disney World.  It was fun but it was a lot of work for me.  There was so much to plan and pack, especially with a highly allergic child.  I had to do everything in secret which was worth it when we finally told the kids the morning we left.  But more on that later...

Finding our groove on the return has been challenging.  I'm still not fully unpacked.  The weekend after our return, I attended an out of state dance convention.  Then all the males in the house get sick.  *whew*  But yes, learning did happen.  The again, it's always happening; sometimes despite me.

To say the little guy likes the pink tower would be an understatement.  I've never formally given him a presentation but he gets the general idea from watching his siblings.  He enjoys laying out a rug and carrying the pieces over.  This was a surprise session that occurred just before bedtime.

He only recently took an interest in stacking it.  I can see he doesn't quite grasp the concept of grading the cubes yet.  As I learned from the other two, one day, he'll just do it.

I have no idea how he managed to stack this.  It looks like a play on physics.

And since I was occupied with the camera, it was the perfect opportunity to grab a marker and draw on something.  It's not a phase I enjoy but at least the washable markers seem to wipe off easily.

W has been interested in weaving.  Just when I think he's given up on the practical life shelves, he comes back to something.

He asked for a presentation on the binomial cube.  Thankfully, I remembered how.  He did fairly well with it.  I was so busy helping him that my one picture is of the lid being replaced.

E has been in love with the knobless cylinders for a long time.  Here she wanted to compare how tall each tower was.  It's something she's done numerous times.

We're continuing to work through the countries of Europe.  The kids really enjoy the map work.  They don't always remember where a country is but they certainly remember all the names.

W put this country over his mouth because it's Hungary.  Wah, wah.

We took a field trip to see the local symphony with our Classical Conversations group.  It was a dress-up affair.  The discovery concert was amazing.  They did a brilliant job of playing short but interesting clips that held the attention of a theater full of children.  They ended with the Star Wars Theme by John Williams.  I was amazed at how incredible that one sounds live.  And yes, both yelled "Star Wars" as soon as they heard it.

I loved this picture of W.  He was in such a good mood at the concert.  He seems to have the strongest interest in music out of the bunch.  He was tapping along and nodding his head to the beat.  He asked a lot of questions.

E was more reserved but still enjoyed the experience.  Here she is reviewing a layout of the instruments on stage.

There's our short and sweet February!  Stay tuned for more in-depth updates for March.

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