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Lakeshore Love

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If you've read my blog for any length of time then you are well aware of my obsession with Lakeshore Learning which existed long before one opened up across town.  While the school year is not quite over, activities are winding down.  Both German School and Classical Conversations have ceased for the school year.  I have already begun the quest for better organization for next year.  Here are a few of the goodies I recently picked up at Lakeshore.

I specifically went for the new Connect and Store Book Bins.  I also picked up a few teacher caddies, tracing boards, write and draw journals and a date stamp.

I absolutely fell in love with this book organizer.  This is going to be pivotal in organizing our Classical Conversations work each week.  Our CC runs in six weeks spans so this is perfect.  Each week I collect books for our various topics.  It's been hard to organize.  Not only will this allow me to keep each week together but I can put our history, timeline and science cards in the corresponding weeks.  Now I can be organized for upcoming weeks and have a simple setup that allows the kids to review what we've done in prior weeks.  I purchased a few extra single bins to help me stay organized as I plan for upcoming weeks.  I have tried to use basic magazine boxes in the past but a number of the larger books don't fit.  These bins are perfectly sized to handle children's books.

And here are my new teach carry-alls!  The one in the back has a wire frame that holds standard sized hanging file folders.  This is my new lamination organizer.  I can organize items to be laminated as well as items that have been laminated but need to be cut.  Yes, letter sized laminated pouches fit easily in the file folders!  The pouches on the side hold my scissors and other supplies.

The other carry-all will be used for circle time activities.  Between the large interior and the pockets that go all the way around the exterior, I can easily tote all the essentials around with ease.  I have already added our pointers, timers for the silence game, sitting spots and planning binder and I have ample room left.  I used to tote my supplies around in a dishpan.  It's not quite ideal because I'm always digging through it.

So there's the start of my organization for next year.  Stay tuned as I share how I'm finally getting a handle on my book obsession.  And if you're interested in purchasing some items from Lakeshore Learning as well, make sure you sign up for the teacher club and always search online for a good coupon.

Happy organizing!

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