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Spring/Summer Update

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I know... The Friday update is not really on a Friday but after my husband had a project that required him to work nearly every waking moment this past weekend, I'm not sure what day it is right now.  :-)

Obviously a lot has happened since the last update.  Elora had a dance recital.

She has also been filling her apron with wood project badges.  We adore the Lowe's Build and Grow program.  Elora has a strong mechanical mind.  She's already starting to work through the instructions on her own.  She is great with a hammer.

I've been addressing project after project.  Some have actually been completed while even more have been created through unplanned incidents, such as the TV going out.  I did manage to clean off the screen porch and create a more functional outdoor hangout spot.

My budding artists are already in love with it.  I keep pens, colored pencils and water colors out there at all times.

Although Elora's arthritis has done well overall we decided to change her medication delivery method.  She went from MTX pills to MTX injections.  Some children see better results via the injectible.  She has handled it extremely well from the emotional aspect.  She slept nearly 24 hours solid after the first weekly injection but that has already improved dramatically.  Hopefully this will finally give us some control over her eyes.

Elora and William started their half-day summer program at a local Montessori school.  I can't believe they are already halfway through it.  Elora attended last year and couldn't wait to go back.  This is William's first year.  He has been extremely uncomfortable when left anywhere in the past.  Thankfully, he adores his toddler class.  He begs to go each day.  I love picking them up from school and hearing about their day.  I will dedicate a few posts to the experience in the near future.  I simply cannot say enough wonderful things about the school.

And finally... the little guy!  The journey with Lockelan's eczema continues to present challenges.  We do make progress here and there.  He's happy... ridiculously happy.  And I'm happy to report that the knee swelling has disappear as mysteriously as it appeared in the first place.  I could go on and on about all the specialists and tests he's endured but in reality, I don't have much to share in the way of answers.  A stool kit did identify a large amount of various nasty bacteria in his intestines (ecoli, strepp, staph and such).  We're pursuing that.  We were referred to an allergist but his nurse called and cancelled his appointment stating that his diagnosis from his bloodwork wasn't compelling enough.  Since he's nursing I've been changing my diet, which is very difficult at points.  Right now I'm off eggs, tree nuts and peanuts.  I can't tell if it's helping or not.  He tends to get the worse when set on the carpet, taken outside or goes near the cats.  There was a point where I was so obsessed with figuring it out that it consumed me inside and out.  I've finally made peace with it and moved on.  I'm doing the best I can.  He's happy and right now I just want to enjoy him.

We're going almost full baby led weaning this time.  Lockelan loves his carrots.   

He's also moving through milestones at an alarming rate.  He's a bit shiny in this pictures thanks to the Eucerin.  It has worked wonders but it's pretty much like dipping your baby in a jar of Vaseline.

While there have been challenging moments, we are learning to pull together as a family.  I love where things are heading but for *some* reason, I'm having a hard time sleeping well.  :-)

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