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Fly Little Butterflies!

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Yes, I've been on a bit of hiatus.  Yes, I'm back... or at least I hope so.  I'll give more updates on Friday.

Back in May we did a small butterfly life cycle unit.  Here is the shelf setup.

Our butterfly habitat is on the left.  We also have butterfly matching cards, real butterflies in acrylic, butterfy life cycle cards, butterfly life cycle model, My Oh My a Butterfly Book and Butterflies Fandex.  I also put a butterfly matching activity on the practical life shelves.

I apologize for the awful picture but here are the painted lady caterpillars we received.  We received two cups, each containing five.  At this point most of them had started to form chrysalises.

They both enjoyed going through the life cycle cards and matching the models.  It was a great way to pass the time each day as we waited for our butterflies to appear. 

William has suddenly taken an interest in 3 part cards.  He couldn't match many correctly but I do think he understands that words have distinct meaning.

Lockelan got in on the action and enjoyed chewing on the life cycle tray.  And yes, we're still battling eczema.

Elora enjoys the butterfly 3 part cards.  We had fun trying to guess what kind of butterflies our caterpillars would become.

Elora also enjoys the butterfly matching activity.

This is one of the painted lady butterflies in the habitat.  All ten did become butterflies.  No matter how closely I monitored them we missed every. single. hatching experience.  Unfortunately, not all made it out alive.  We had two incidents where Elora and William raided the school room and let them out.  Three butterflies succumbed to injuries, although two of them still looked fine so perhaps there were other issues.  A fourth butterfly went missing for several days.  I managed to find him in the one of the school room windows.

We finally released the butterflies outside.  I was surprised at how many stayed around.

William couldn't stop laughing when one landed on his shirt.  

This one landed on my trumpet vine.  The poor thing sustained a bit of wing injury from William, who is still learning to be gentle.  Fortunately it survived and was able to fly off.

The butterfly unit was a blast!  I highly recommend the Insect Lore Butterfly Garden.  It was simple to do and held the interest of both children for weeks.  We had to check on our butterflies every morning.  Even I was excited to watch the progress.
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