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New Montessori Community

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I have created a new Facebook group for anyone who would like to discuss using Montessori at home as well as all the ways that Montessori principles can impact parenting.  It is a private group meaning you will have to request to join but conversations will not be public.

I was part of a similar group not that long ago and it was a wonderful experience.  I learned so much from other families.  I was disappointed when the group was closed, as I lost touch with a number of fantastic men and women.  Hopefully, I can attempt to rebuild a bit of that experience.

If you are interested in joining us, the group can be found here.  Simply request to join and I'll try to approve you as quickly as possible.

Hope to see you there!

Update:  And I apologize because I posted this a while back but somehow managed to unpublish it.
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