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I am a home schooling mom to three amazing kiddos.  We primarily use the Montessori pedagogy to guide our journey.  We also enjoy aspects of classical education and are part of Classical Conversations community. 

I write a Montessori column for Practical Homeschooling Magazine.

I am still a geek at heart and at times miss my former career as an Information Architect/SharePoint Specialist.  I don't have much free time but if I do, it is spent on comic books and video games.
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William Turns 4

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We celebrated William's birthday with a day fun activities.  I began the day by making pancakes and bacon for everyone.  Then everyone pitched in to prepare for our party.

We decided to make hand squeezed lemonade.  William tasted one of the lemons.

All three crammed in the Learning Tower and took turns juicing the lemons.

We made a simply syrup.  I used the sugar crystals dissolving in water as a quick lesson on solutions.

William got a special trip out for dinner alone with Mommy and Daddy.  Due to Lockelan's severe food allergies, we are not able to visit restaurants as a family so this was very exciting for him.  He chose a local pizza and game establishment.
He got to spin the prize wheel.

He rode various rides.

And played many games.

William rode the go karts with each of us.

The night out ended by turning in our tickets.  William picked out a plastic snake, a foam dart gun and a small piece of candy.

When we returned home, we held a small celebration with the rest of the family.

We held a traditional Montessori birthday ceremony.  More on this later!

Elora took it upon herself to find a present for William and wrap it.  It was a small stuffed walrus.

She was so excited to watch him open it.

Imagine our surprise when the card she made him contained $10.  Apparently she took it from her own birthday savings.

If I can sneak in an educational gift, I will!  This is the Alphabet Zoo from Lakeshore Learning.

He was excited about his dinosaur candles.

We had cupcakes and lemonade.

The celebration was enjoyed by all.
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