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Fifteen Favorite Gifts for a Preschooler

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Okay, so there's actually seventeen gifts for a preschooler (ages 3-4) listed here.  I hope that doesn't discourage you from reading.  :-)  If you are interested in the under 3 toddler range, suggestions can be found here.

1.  Alfred's Kid's Ukulele Course
The ukulele is a wonderful size for small hands.  I like this kit because it includes everything you need to get started including a book, cd and dvd.  The instrument itself is decent quality for the price.

2.  Ikea Ekorre Swing
All of my children love this swing.  We currently have it hanging in the play area of the basement.  It is so popular that we have to set a timer to take turns.  It seems to have a relaxing effect on each of them.  The link I have listed is for Amazon but you can also find this at Ikea if you have one locally.

3.  3D Spatial Relations Activity Set - Farm Theme
This farm block set includes picture cards that present various scenes.  The child then tries to accurately recreate them.  It teaches concepts such as behind and on top of.  I like it because it holds interests well.

4.  Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden
We raised butterflies with this kit last year.  It was an absolute blast.  Projects like this tend to scare me because they can be overly involved.  I didn't find the investment too cumbersome.  You do have to send for the caterpillars and be mindful of local temperatures to determine the best time to start the process.  This is one of the most memorable experiences my older two children have had.  They were enthralled with it day after day.

5.  Lakeshore Learning Alphabet Zoo
This zoo set includes 26 animals and a fold out "zoo" that is attached to the storage box.  The detailing on the miniatures is good and the setup makes it easy to store.  It feels like a toy but it's a great way to practice initial sounds.

6.  Alex Button Art
This set includes colored buttons that can be pushed into a peg board.  The included cards allow the children to complete patterns through color matching.  It didn't initially strike me as something exceptionally engaging but my older two have sat and worked the cards for 20+ minutes at a time.

7.  Singing Marble Tree
This tree has wood leaves in various sizes.  It comes with a range of wooden marbles that can be dropped from the top.  They make wonderful sounds as they spiral down.  While it seems so simple, it is truly fascinating.  All of my children adore this and even my husband and I can't resist dropping a few marbles down from time to time.

 8.  My Little Sandbox - Bug's World
These individual sized boxes come in a host of themes from space to fairies.  They are highly engaging and perfect for some dedicated play time at the table.

9.  Elefun
This is a fantastic rainy day game.  The elephant shoots butterflies out of his trunk while the children try to catch them with nets.  My children constantly ask to play it and will do so for a great length of time.

10.  Melissa and Doug Architecture Unit Blocks
We have a wide range of block sets here so I was skeptical that this set would be something new and different.  It has delivered as this is the preferred set by far.  Our set is well loved but is holding up beautifully.

11.  Active Play Monkey Balance Board
This is the perfect sized balance board for the preschool range.  Not only do they enjoy it but it helps refine critical motor skills like balance.

12.  Fold and Go Trampoline
Preschoolers are notorious for their endless energy supply.  This is a fantastic way to help them expel it.  The model we have is a bit different but the concept is similar.  The collapsible style is nice for smaller spaces since you can store it when not in use.

13.  Mini Shop Vac
All three of my children have demonstrated a lengthy obsession with the vacuum.  I have attempted to entice them with child sized push sweepers to no avail.  I finally gave in and purchased a toy version of our vacuum which has been a hit although I've always bee disappointed that it didn't work.  Well, shazam!  This mini shop vac is the perfect size for young children to use and it works.  I can't give a personal testimony since it will be under the tree this year but the reviews from other parents have set my expectations high.

14.  Stomp Rocket Junior
If you don't have a stomp rocket, you need one.  These are a blast.  The junior model is great but there is another version that boasts up to 200ft of rocket height.

15.  Melissa and Doug Deluxe Wooden Doorbell House
This house has unexpectedly captivated my children in the preschool range.  It comes with 4 doors and 4 keys that are attached to a short ribbon.  The child must match the correct key to each door to open it.  There is a color coordinated person behind each one.  Yes, each door has a doorbell although I've left the batteries in this one without much regret.

16.  Fisher Price Kid Tough Binoculars
You will find these around the neck of my preschooler most days.  He loves looking out the window or across the room.  It's light and the features are well thought out for a young child.  The strap is breakaway and the adjustments are simple.

17.  Lakeshore Learning Real Bugs Discovery Set
If your child enjoys insects then I highly recommend this set of 12 insects encased in acrylic.  The selection is great because it includes commonly seen insects like crickets and ants.

Stay tuned for my fifteen favorites kindergartens.

In the interest of full disclosure, the links provided are Amazon Affiliate links.

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