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The Montessori Monday That Wasn't

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Yesterday was supposed to be our first day of school.  Instead, it turned into my little man's first factor infusion for his hemophilia.  He woke with a large lump on his back which indicated an uncontrolled internal bleeding episode.  I managed to stay level headed.  It was a bit difficult when they were unable to find a vein and had to aim for one in the head.  Other than that, it was as smooth as an infusion could go.  He's doing quite well today and doesn't seem to be in near as much pain.

I'll admit that even if that hadn't occurred I still wasn't ready anyway.  I spent so much time over the past few months dealing with Lockelan's allergies/eczema and Elora's arthritis that I lost myself.  Burn out isn't fun but I knew it was coming since I've been pushing myself from morning to itchy, sleepless night.  I've been taking some steps to re-energize myself lately and it's already paying off.  I'm starting to get excited about school again but excitement doesn't mean school is suddenly where it needs to be.

I worked as many hours as I could on the school room this past weekend.  I knew it was a big job.  It was even bigger than I imagined.  I made amazing progress and managed to get everything back in the closets.  I also put my three part cards and miniatures in their new drawers, although I will have to come back and organize them at a later date.  I still have a number of items strewn across the room that I need to deal with.  I also need to sweep and wipe down the tables.  The end is within reach!

At this point I'm simply trying to get something on the shelves as a starting point.  I figure I can fine tune as the year progresses.  I have a new set of shelves back by the reading area.  I plan to use these to expand the culture/science material.  I never seem to have enough room for it.  Most of the other core shelves will start the same way we finished up. 

I did manage to fit a PlayZone baby enclosure by the teacher desk.  It's not something I ever planned to put in there until Lockelan's diagnosis.  I'm finding it's quite difficult to keep an active infant with a clotting disorder safe around the house.  There's no way I can give him the attention he would need in the school room.  It's not an ideal situation but I feel very limited in my options.  If I went through the steps to make the room safe for a 10 month old hemophiliac, there would be little work left for the older two.  I let him try the PlayZone out at points while I was cleaning and he didn't seem to mind it provided I interacted with him on a regular basis.  I'm also hopeful that he'll nap through a good portion of school time.

So that's where we're at.  I'm hoping to finish picking up tonight, although I probably won't be able to sweep until tomorrow.  I should be ready by Thursday, although that's usually our field trip day.  I guess Friday it is then!  I'm hopeful that I've encountered the last of any major diversions.

How do you handle diversions in your school planning?
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