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Pre-School Update

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Hello hello!

I hope everyone is doing well.  I'm sure most of you are well into your school year.  Since Elora and William attended a local Montessori school for June and July, I didn't plan on starting school until September 10th.  And then... life threw us a bit of a curve ball.

My sweet little Lockelan was recently diagnosed with severe hemophilia A.  It came as quite the shock.  In all likelihood, this was the source of his swollen knee many months ago.  While this is often a hereditary disease, there is no history of it in our family as a far back as we can go.  Given that it only affect around 400 babies in the US each year, we were shocked to find ourselves on the short end of the statistics once again.

Lockelan's hemophilia is not related to his eczema and allergy issues.  Furthermore, there is no known link between his condition or Elora's arthritis.  Apparently God has chosen to bless us with two special needs children.  While the challenge makes me a bit nervous, I'm thrilled to have my blessings and I know the Lord will give us everything we need to thrive as a family.

The sudden flurry of phone calls, appointments and other necessary steps has consumed my schedule.  September 10th has come and gone.  In fact, the school room is an absolute mess.  I upgraded the storage in the closets and under the desks.  Of course, to accomplish that I had to remove everything already stored there.  And no, I haven't put it back yet.

My new goal is to start school on the 17th.  I'm hopeful that I can get the school room in order this weekend.  Last year I attempted to plan the entire school year during the summer break, including acquiring and making all the necessary materials.  This year I plan to pick up where we left off and work on any additions needed throughout the course of the year.  In other words, casual is key right now.

I'm frustrated that the updated art and music area in the basement isn't complete but we have made progress.  We rented a large dumpster a month or two ago and purged massive amounts junk.  There is plenty of room to arrange the basement how I want now.  I simply have to find the time to do it!  My goal is to finish this project some time in November.  Since I don't know how things will go from day to day I'm extending myself the grace to stay flexible on early vs late November.

So that's what has been happening in a nutshell.  I'm excited to get back into the school routine; especially blogging since I find it therapeutic.  I'd love to hear what you're up to!
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