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The Road Less Planned

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Under different circumstances I would be disappointed to say that another Montessori Monday has come and gone without school starting.  However, I'm thrilled that I finished putting the school room back together and we are starting tomorrow!

I did manged to complete the process over the weekend.  However, we were given the opportunity to take Lockelan to one of the best hemohpilia treatment centers in the country today and I couldn't pass that up.  The experience was well worth our time and pushing school yet one more day.

I am amazed when I compare where I was last year vs. this year.  I'm a strong perfectionist and planner and it was evident in my approach.  School was meticulously planned in painful details.  Every shelf and piece of work was carefully thought out.  I finished weeks ahead and counted down the days until we began.  And of course, I strongly believe that the method and my children deserved no less.

This year couldn't be more different.  It's not that I care less about the method or my children's education.  I simply have nothing left after battling another year of uncontrolled arthritis in Elora and the new found hemophilia adventure with Lockelan.  I had to let go of the aspects of myself that were holding me back.  In many situations my perfectionism and detail-oriented nature have been an asset.  It's been an internal struggle to realize that in this case, my strengths are becoming my weaknesses.

My only goal for the time being is simply to get in the classroom.  I plan to pick up from where we left off last year as much as possible.  I have no long term plan.  In fact, I didn't have the chance to change up the shelves.  That's going to have to happen little by little each weekend.  I have grand plans for organizing my three part cards and miniatures but for now, those items have been tossed in their new drawers.

I'm excited to see how we will thrive through this process.  I know there is a purpose in this and I have no doubt that my children will learn unexpected lessons, which are often the best kind.  I also know that I will be forever changed through this process of letting go of the ideals that have held me captive.

Overall, I want to encourage anyone out there who may feel that you can't hit your ideals this school year for whatever reason.  Simply get up each day and do what you can do.  It will be enough.

Here are a few photos from the school room.

Here you can see the PlayZone I added for Lockelan.  While I don't like to confine him, I worry about injuries during school time.  You'll also notice that I need to fix the blinds.

I removed the old printer stand and added shelves back in the reading area.  I added a few things haphazardly.  I'm going to use it for more science/culture items.

The sensorial and math areas look nearly the same.  The only change is that I added hooks for the short bead chains and the hundred and thousand chain (behind the number rods).

This area looks nearly identical as well.  I'm happy that I have more room for the culture/science shelves because they are always crammed.

I've added new drawers under the desk.  These are for miniatures and card storage.

The calendar now displays the correct month.  Celebrate the small victories.

My father added large shelves to my storage closet.  I love it.  It allows me to see all of the material I keep forgetting to put on the shelves.

I have grouped my smaller items in storage baskets.

These drawers used to house my computer parts.  Now it holds most of my practical life items such as scoopables, utensils and polishing supplies.

This is my drawer of cards.  Everything has been tossed in for the time being.  Eventually I'll get everything into a labeled envelope.  It will be grouped together in folders.

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