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The Challenges of School at the Hospital

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Elora's monthly infusion was this past week.  Since the process takes several hours, I pack a bag of activities to take along with us.  In recent months, I have started packing school activities that work well for a child contained to a chair with only a small tray to work on.  I had planned to take pictures and share what Montessori on the go looks like for us.  In typical fashion for our family, things did not go as planned.

To make a long story short, a handful of highly skilled nurses tired to start her IV for over 2 hours.  They eventually had to send us home.  Obviously, we weren't able to tackle anything school wise.  We were scheduled to return the next day.  Since we've never had an issue before I assumed it was a fluke.  Even Elora didn't become excessively anxious about returning.

Ready to go on day 2.  Showing off her numbing cream.
The process was difficult once again, which was frustrating for everyone.  They were finally able to get IV access in her right hand.  It was not holding well so she had to remain completely still during the 2.5 hour process.  Normally the IV is in her arm and she is able to color or play games with me.  The last two days had been so traumatic for her that I complied when she asked if she could just watch videos daddy's Kindle.  Obviously, the vast majority of the activities I had planned were out the door anyway without the use of her dominant hand.  Granted, I suppose I could have pulled out the sight words cards...

I guess all I'm left with now is a post about what I intended to post.  Hopefully next month will go a bit better and I can share what we're currently doing.  And of course, I'd love any ideas you have on Montessori activities for the road.

Her favorite activity: stepping on all the colored squares in the hallway.
Success!  On our way home.

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