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Bess began working with Microsoft SharePoint in 2003 and has worked with every version since, including 2016 and Office 365.  She enjoys leveraging her business analyst skills to assist organizations in getting the most out of their Microsoft investment.

During her Information Technology journey, Bess discovered the joys of improvisation.  She has traveled the country to study improv, including the top three schools in Chicago – The Second City, iO, and The Annoyance.  She performs locally with Dinner Detective and is the director of Indy Improv Collaborative, an improv troupe nominated for Nuvo’s Best of Indy in 2017.

Bess combines her improv skills with her 20 years of corporate experience in Information Technology, allowing her to specialize in collaborative solutions.  She is the owner of Collaborative Ventures, LLC.

Bess lives in Indianapolis, IN where she is raising her three children.

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This and That

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In case you're wondering, this little guy is doing really well.  We've only had one more trip to the ER for a slight bump to the head.

Some days we're not too bad at this.  Other days are a complete disaster.  This is a massive learning curve.

I feel like I lost an entire month of my life.  In the middle of the chaos, spring arrived and brought these.

This is their favorite place to be now.  They could spend all day out there.

I've found a bit of my stride, although I got myself in a mess with this.

But I finally managed to complete it.

And I FINALLY took care of that.  (Constructive Triangle control charts are available via Liveable Learning).

I've been reading this.

And thinking about whether or not I should switch to that.

I've been working on this.

And I have something really great planned for this...

...and that (OK, these).

And I finally hung that!  I was excited to find such a lovely photo.

Through it all, we've manage to spend more time in the classroom than ever.  Elora loved this... making her first book!

William loves that... a new hammering activity.

Lockelan has started to select things from the shelf... not that he's in the school room much.

Elora and I love to play this together.

And William has taken a big interest in that.

And this... well, this cracks me up every time I look at it.

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