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The Return Home

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If you've noticed the silence, there's a good explanation.  We went on our first family vacation!  We generally don't like to share prolonged absences publicly which is why you are just now learning about our much anticipated trip.  We spent a week in De Soto, MO.  There were a few interesting moments but overall, we have returned refreshed and relaxed.  We also managed to return with more laundry than I know what to do with.

I chronicled the experience and I haven't decided how much I will share yet.  I don't want to bore everyone with too many details.  I plan to share photos at the very least.  We saw some amazing things, such as this:

While we were on our trip, I finally finished the materials I was making for our transition to the Dwyer reading approach.  I would love to print and prepare everything this coming weekend but that might be a bit ambitious.  The booklets alone are on 70 pages.

Since our return I have officially enrolled Elora and William in the Montessori summer program at a local school.  This will be Elora's third summer and William's second, although this will be his first year in the primary classroom. 

The other tidbit is that I attended an information session on Classical Conversations.  I have had my eye on the program for some time.  Now that I understand it a bit better, I think it will be a perfect fit for us.  I would like to use it as a road map while still presenting the weekly work in a Montessori fashion.  I think my current albums will blend well with it.  And don't worry, I plan to dedicate an entire post about this decision in the very near future.

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