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Infusion Time - School Time

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If you remember my previous post on school in the hospital then I'm thrilled to finally include a post on how well school in the hospital can go.

Elora receives an infusion of medication to treat her juvenile arthritis, specifically her uveitis, once a month.  I try to make the most of the 4+ hours we spend in the infusion room.  However, it doesn't always go as planned.  Last month, her veins were terrible.  We were sent home day 1 after multiple sticks.  They were able to gain access on day 2 but the vein was barely holding so she couldn't move much.

This month was so much better.  Poor Elora pitched a fit for the initial stick, fearing the worst.  This time everything was perfect and her IV was established quickly, assuaging her fears.  Due to her history of reactions, she also receives a number of pre-treatment medications that make her drowsy.  She was still able to work quite well at the tasks at hand.

Here the IV is established and she is quite happy about the outcome.

Elora and I worked on groups of rhyming words.  I found these cards in dollar bin at Target.

Next, we moved to a preschool workbook.  I miscalculated the difficulty and she was offended by the lack of challenge.  She nearly completed the entire book of her own accord but the process was filled with lots of eye rolling and assertions that the work was best suited for William.  However, she refused to stop no matter how much I offered.

We moved on to our first set of sight word cards.  The biggest challenged is that she thinks she knows them all and doesn't take correction well.  She still loves to play the knock-knock game where we turn all the cards over and knock on each one, trying to identify it as we turn it over.  Technically, it is the third part of the three period lesson defined by Maria Montessori.

This is domino addition.  She must count and write the number on each side of the domino.  The final task is to count the totals for each domino.  I printed this worksheet form Tot School.

We worked briefly with the movable alphabet.  This particular setup is from Montessori Print Shop.  She managed to spell all four pictures on her own, although she kept asking for my help.

I always include some activity bags.  The pipe cleaner/beading bag has been one of her favorites since she was 2 years old.  Here I made a whale bracelet for myself.

Elora made a bracelet with assorted animals.

She turned her bracelet into a hula-hoop for her stuffed Guinea pig.

I was amazed at how much we were able to accomplish in a relatively short amount of time.  We were finally able to go home and Elora enjoyed the usual wagon ride to the car.

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