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Our Classroom

*Update*  The latest iteration of our classroom can be seen here.

Our classroom seems to be constantly in flux. While it's no surprise that the shelves rotate frequently, I'm amazed at how much the general layout changes on a regular basis. I'll try to provide updates whenever a major change occurs. 

Our classroom is situated in what used to be our office and LAN gaming room. There is a small portion that still serves this function but it is almost completely devoted to our school room at this point.

Overall View of Classroom
View from other corner.  You can see what remains of our office from this angle.

Sensorial and Mathematics



Practical Life Table w/ Shelves Behind - Washing Table is to the right.

Practical Life Shelves

Washing Table, Science Shelves and Geography Cabinet
Geography Shelves,  Toddler Shelves

Our Flag  And Constitution

Sensory Bin and Alphabet Language Tubs

Language Area

Another View of the Language Area.  The black binders above are my Montessori Albums.

Language Shelves

Mostly Writing Shelves

Drawers with Various Language Activites

Folder Work

Language Alphabet Tubs

Reading Area

More Science Shelves

Toddler shelves and Toddler Table

Infant Area

Rolling Chart for Circle Time - Calendar is on Other Side

The next photos show various ways I've tried to store things.  I haven't found the perfect system yet and probably never will.  I try to keep the room as clutter free as possible.  I have to ensure items are easily accessible too, especially for items that I rotate frequently such as practical life.  I keep a lot of my practical life items in open fabric bins on top of the language shelves (not pictured).

Puzzles and Infant/Toddler Works.  Right now I am keeping all of my card material in envelopes in the white bins.  I need a better system for these.  The shelves above hold readers and various other books that I rotate in the reading area.

This area holds a lot of my teacher supplies and some of the infant items I rotate such as various mobiles.  I also keep my school planning binder here.

I have one spare closet for material.  I store a lot of it in bins sorted by area.

I have shelves on each side of the bins as well.  This is where I store things like the farm and my math material.
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