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This blog is about our family's journey as we strive to fill our home with grace and peace. Our primary goal is to see our children live out their days in a manner that pleases the Lord. We are using Montessori principles for our home school and are enjoying the learning process with our three blessings. We tend to enjoy simple and natural things these days. You'll find a bit of everything here... both where we succeed and where we fail.

While this isn’t my first attempt at blogging, I have decided to start over in a format that allows me to share our lives with a wider audience. In order to keep myself organized I am attempting to follow this schedule:

Montessori Monday

A review of school activities and progress from the prior week.

Tips and Tricks Tuesday
Things that have worked for our family and something things that haven’t from a wide range of areas.

World Wide Web Wednesday
If you follow me for any length of time you’ll find that every good idea I’ve ever had has come from somewhere else. I’ll share some of these great finds.

Thoughtful Thursday
This will be dedicated to reflections of parenting and our walk with the Lord.

Fun and Family Friday
This will highlight some of the fun activities we’ve done lately as well as general updates on the family.

Surprise Saturday
This is a actually a double surprise. Not only will the topic be a surprise, it will be a surprise if I’m able to get out a Saturday post!

I hope you’re able to gain something here.
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