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Our Week in Review: Rocks and Stamps

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We recently started on our Geology album so you'll notice a number of activities have a rock theme to them.  Binker (4) took a major interest in language materials.  Math seemed to take second place.  Buddy (26 months) was in the mood to do whatever his sister was doing.  He did take some interest in practical life.  Nangers (10 weeks) spent most of his classtime staring at a mobile or sleeping.

We are still getting back into the swing of things since our family grew.  School doesn't happen as regularly as I would like.  I am amazed at how interested the older two are.  I use to wonder how we would ever make it to a three hour work period.  Now our only issue is getting to the school room early enough so we have three hours to spend there.

Both Binker and Buddy love the washing table.  To keep with our theme, we washed rocks.  Unfortunately I didn't take pictures of this activity but I do have some photos of the same activity from two weeks ago.

Buddy loved the new tonging snowballs activity.  This was inspired by Montessori MOMents.  And if you haven't seen her recent announcement, stop by and say "Congrats!"

For botany we potted a plant that we have been keeping alive on our kitchen sink since Binker's field trip last July.  It turned a bit disastrous when the stem snapped as Binker put it in the pot.   The plant originally sprouted from a single leaf so I a hopeful that it can start the rooting process once again.  I tried not to show my disappointment but I think I failed.

I have had a duck punching activity on the shelves for a while now.  And by duck punching, I mean an activity where you can punch duck shapes.  I decided to add another level to it this week by making a counting page to paste the ducks too.  They both enjoyed it.  

Here's the little guy hanging out in his special infant area.  This dragon mobile seems to be his favorite, although this week he mostly slept.

I found this great pencil sharpener on Amazon.  It has a button that pops up when the pencil is properly sharpened.  It has been a huge hit with Binker.  She loved sharpening pencils but had a difficult time understanding when to stop.  She would often give up in frustration.

We have had our alphabet language tubs for some time but I only recently purchased the display rack and put out all of the letters at once.  Previously, I only displayed them one at a time.  These have been a huge hit with both Binker and Buddy.  Out of all the sets I could find, I thought these were the best quality.  I really like the size and detail of the objects as well.

I made this stamping activity.  There is a CVC word at the left, an area to stamp the word in the middle, and a pictures of the word on the right.  She stamped a few words before tiring of the activity.

Binker and I played I-Spy.  She is getting very good with her initial sounds.  We played this over and over for the better part of an hour.  We even switched roles towards the end.

This wonderful visual discrimination activity was provided by PreKinders.  Binker completed it several times.  This was a well designed work as it provided a range of difficultly.

I whipped up some basic counting cards that we can use for a variety of counting activities.  To go along with our theme, we are currently using small rocks.  Binker was losing interest in work at this point because it had started snowing outside.  She didn't want to get a rug or line the cards up.

I opened the blinds so Binker could enjoy the falling snow.  She has been hoping for enough snow to make a snowman for some time.  Unfortunately, it did not accumulate.  She did enjoy sitting back in her reading corner and drawing pictures about snow.

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