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Maria Montessori Book Club

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There's no better way to expand your insight of the Montessori Method than to read the works of Maria Montessori herself.  In an effort to challenge myself and promote Montessori, I would like to create a Montessori book club.

I realize that most of us, including myself, have little time for heavy reading, so I intend to keep things reasonable.  I also want to provide enough time to really absorb the material.  My preferred pace is two to three chapters per week.

I would also like to have a check-in each Monday where we can discuss what we've read and encourage each other to apply what we've learned.  I'm also interested to hear how others interpret the material.

Anyone is welcome to join me.  I would like to begin reading on October 7th.  Our first "Maria Monday" online discussion will be on October 14th.  We will hold discussions on our online community on Facebook.  Don't forget to join Montessori Homeschooling if you wish to participate!  My goal is to complete our first book by the end of the year.

So what should we start with?
Our first selection will be The Absorbent Mind.  This is a great overview of the Montessori Method.  Its focus is primarily on the 0-3 age group, although the foundational principles are relevant to anyone interested in Montessori.

If you wish to join us, you have one week to acquire a copy.  There are places online where you can get one for free.  However, I highly recommend finding a copy from Owl Books or the Clio Collection.  I have seen numerous complaints about other versions being poor translations or leaving important information out.  Keep in mind that Maria Montessori's works were written a century ago in Italian.  The translation IS important.  Of course, if your budget is limited, go with whatever you can get your hands on.

I hope you will join us over at Montessori Homeschooling.  I'm excited to learn with you!
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