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Three New Additions to Our Classroom

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While we generally make purchases for the classroom twice a year, there have been some circumstances that have allowed us to add a few new items.

The first item is a complete splurge that my wonderful husband insisted on...  a mobile of the solar system.  This set can be found here.  I love, love, love this addition.  Astronomy is a critical subject for us.

There are no pictures I can take that will do it justice.

The various rods allow it to rotate gently.  It's a full four feet across.

Each planet has a photo-realistic surface which I have decimated due to my poor photography skills.

The next thing I received this week was a collection of dice.  I have a similar set of smaller dice, but Elora has a hard time reading them.  These are much larger and should be easier to read.   I ordered several sets so we could use them for addition.  I also ordered alphabet and continent dice.  I'm not sure what I'll do with them yet, but I'll think of something.

The set includes jumbo place-value dice (unit, tens, hundreds, thousands), continent dice and alphabet dice.  The seller included several number dice as a bonus.
If you're interested in obtaining you own set, check with jspassnthru on eBay.  The selection was great, and the delivery was exceptionally fast.

The die on the left is average sized.  Here you can see how large the jumbo size is.

Another item I ordered recently is the blends and digraphs set from Lakeshore Learning.  Lakeshore can be pricey, so NEVER purchase there without finding an online coupon code. 

The Blends and Digraphs Tubs in the original box.

Yes, you have to put everything together yourself.

Here are all the miniatures before being sorted into tubs.

All the tubs have been labeled and sorted.  The process took around 15 minutes.

This is the GL tub.  It include glue, glitter, globe, glove and glasses.

I absolutely adore the miniatures that come with Lakeshore Learning products.  The quality is generally higher than other miniatures.  They are typically a bit larger too.  Here are the glasses being held by William.

I'm excited to put the new items to use this week.  Be on the lookout as I'm sure they will grace our weekly work.

Have you recently added anything exciting?  If so, please post a comment!
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