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School Week in Review - 8/26

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The second week of school is complete.  It wasn't as pretty as the first week but learning was achieved nonetheless.  Daddy had an unexpected trip out of town and Elora's scheduled infusion didn't make it onto our calendar until we were called with an appointment reminder.  My patience wasn't at its peak.  Oh, that pesky patience.  I also find it hard to stay focused when there is so much on my mind.  While Elora can push through, William is acutely attuned to my level of motivation.  I'm trying to be a little easier on myself so I'm focusing on the positives moments.  They were still numerous.

I didn't realize she was foreshadowing the week.

I presented a nut/screw activity during circle time.  This was made for us by Gaffer.

William is inspecting his work plan.  He loves his new writing work, especially the dinosaur tracing pages.

She was thrilled that she was able to setup the addition snake game all by herself.

William is inspecting the fossil drawer.

Here is he holding agate up to the light so he can see the layers.

The mineral drawer.  This is what led to our Digital Microscope Fun post.

Elora is creating works with these reading blocks.  Highly recommended!

Making numbers... again.

This week I introduced these dice.  She can roll them to determine which number to make. 

Here is a close up.

I managed to tackle some organization.  Why does it always feel like I'm boiling the ocean?

Rhyming work.  I'm amazed at what I can get her to concentrate on if miniatures are involved.

There was lots of window watching since the ducks and geese have been out in force.

We managed to work on writing at the infusion.

I brought along the word blocks.  I had her read and then write down three words from each block. (a, e, i, o, u).

I introduced this new dropper activity to the little guy.  I am using items from this set.

I created this work so long ago... just check out the pictures.  It goes along with Me on the Map.

I'm too tired to figure out why this keeps posting upside down.  This is an example of what the state page loos like.

We reviewed the polygon drawer of the geometric cabinet.

I'm glad to see they are finally taking some interest in this work.

We used the tens boards to count from 1-40... only because my patience wore out.

I mixed up two alphabet tubs and let William sort them.

I hope everyone had a wonderful week.  We had our first day of Classical Conversations today and I can't wait to post about it.

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