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Confession Therapy

Six days to go and... yeah.
I need a break from all the school planning and classroom prep.

Like REALLY need a break....

So how about a few confessions?  And yes, I expect you to join in.

1.  I'm terrible at putting laundry away.  Instead of striving to get better I simply keep buying more and more laundry baskets.  I think I'm up to twelve now.

2.  I'm a homebody through and through.  My happiness often correlates with the number of days I can go without getting dressed.

3.  Yes, there are most definitely moments where I consider selling off the school supplies and sending the kids to school.  Any school.  There *may* be occasions where I tell my husband this at 1 AM after a long day.

4.  After nearly six years and three kids, I still dry heave when changing bad diapers.  Really.  And I was the kid that could eat a snack during dissection lab in school.

5.  Sometimes I wish I was more girly or at least enjoyed domestic pursuits...  or, you know, had some style.

6.  My single biggest fear about adding Classical Conversations is being able to make it to the weekly meetings on time with my sanity intact.

7.  I like Gangnam Style.

8.  There are still moments that I miss my job terribly.  On most days I can convince myself that it doesn't mean anything bad like not wanting to spend time with my kids.

9.  If I had spare time and money each week it would be spent on my comic book collection which I would read at the local spa while getting a massage and drinking a fully organic and calorie free pumpkin spice latte.  Then I'd stop for sushi to give the housekeeper time to finish.  Ha!

10.  There are times I read other blogs and I think, "Oh, there's no way that's happening here."  My patience has limits, even with the good things in life.

Ok.  I gave you ten.  The least you can do is give me one.

Happy back to school season!
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