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Our Daily Schedule and Weekly Subject Rotation

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Earlier I wrote a post on what our daily three hour work period will look like (hopefully).  Today I want to share what I have planned for the rest of the day.

In years past, I have had a fairly strict daily schedule.  It was a decent fit until Lockelan's issues with hemophilia and food allergies cropped up.  Life hasn't been near as predictable since.  This year, I plan to start with a general routine of key things I would like to include each day.  We'll see where things go from there.  Our family has also reached a napping crossroads.  William has recently dropped his nap unless something exciting has happened that day.  Lockelan has gone from a standard 3 hour nap down to 90 minutes.  It certainly makes me rethink the order of activities.  One of my biggest concerns at present is tackling three hours with him in tow.  He does enjoy his own activities but something he finds throwing things on the floor much more exciting.

Daily Routine

  • Wake/Dress/Read Aloud Bible Time
  • Breakfast
  • Physical Activity - Preferably Outside**
  • 3 Hours of School (hopefully at 9ish)
  • Lunch
  • Free Play and/or Nap - Exercise for Mom
  • Afternoon Activity (Rotates Daily)
  • Free Play - Possibly Outside (with Daddy)
  • Prep for Dinner
  • Dinner
  • Family Devotions/Hymn Time
  • Bedtime Routine Begins
  • Lights Out for Kids
**This denotes an item that would occur on a utopian day.

As you can see it's structured, but hopefully not overly so.  I like to give the kids ample free time to play during the day.  I do hope we can get outside more this year, provided we finally get the fence installed in the back yard.  We do have a great gross motor area in the basement that can help with some physical energy needs.  I have started exercising in that area so we can address two things at once.  I decided to stop scheduling snack times.  If the kids are hungry between meals, they can help themselves to a snack.

In addition to our daily schedule, we have a few things that rotate throughout the week.  My prior schedule had a much larger number of rotations.  I'm trying to simplify this year meaning that there are only two rotated presentations in class each day.  This is the first year we are trying book rotations but I think it's the best way to cover all of the great books I've had my eye on.  And yes, I'll share my book schedule soon.

Literary Focus
History Book
Science Book
Poetry/Classic Lit
Fine Art Book
Special Subject 1
Science Work
Geography Work
Science Work
Geography Work
Special Subject 2
Practical Life Work
Sensorial Work
Practical Life Work
Sensorial Work
Afternoon Activity
Art Lesson
Music Lesson
Field Trip
Science Project

So that sums up the basic scheduling.  My next post will address the details of my curriculum choices.  You won't want to miss it!

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