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School Week in Review - 8/19

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It's time for our first school week in review post for the 13/14 school year!  If you read my post on the lessons learned from our first week then you already know that it was a great week.  Yes, there are some adjustments to make but most are manageable.  I also know that I will never get it 100% right no matter what I do.

This one was a miss.  William wasn't ready for so much on one page.  We're going back to 1-2 letters per page.  Then we'll try one copy of his name.

Sorting transportation objects on the water, land and air mat.  Yes, I made this.  No, I'll never stop talking about the fact I made this.

The electric sharpener drew ample attention from everyone.  Consequently a number of the colored pencils are considerably shorter.

And when I turn my back on the little guy...

William tracing letters in the sand tray.  He uses two fingers to help reinforce correct pencil grip.

I took and chance on giving Lockelan water to pour.  He didn't throw it.

But he did eat the sponge.  FYI, it's easy to bite chunks off a dry sponge.

William is matching colored dots to the picture.  He loves this work and went through every last design in the stack.

This is the new rhyming activity I splurged on from Lakeshore Learning.  She insisted on laying out all ten mats.  It took some encouragement but she completed them all.

William has always enjoyed this puzzle but in the past he has needed my help to determine which number comes next.  Now he can complete it on his own.

Elora started with the basic addition snake game without exchange beads.  I setup the snake so it always had a break at ten.

Elora and I made numbers together.  I told her how many items I need of each one.

Here she is getting the 7 units.

And here is the final bead layout.  We put the cards together to reveal our total.

This is Elora's workplan.  Yes, I'll post more detail on this later.  She has a watermelon-scented dot marker to indicate completed work. 

The teens boards.

Elora is showing William where we live on the continent globe.  They then worked together to locate it on the traditional globe.

We practice walking around a rug while holding a tray for one of our grace and courtesy lessons.

William liked to move a bit too quickly.  I covered my eyes and asked him to try to walk so quietly that I couldn't hear him.

This is an example of boredom.  I asked Elora to complete this and she complained that she already knew how.  I pressed the issue and this is what I got.  Ok, so focus isn't perfect yet but it also highlights that I shouldn't push.

Beginning sounds with the moveable alphabet.

William was in love with the hundreds board this week.  He needed my help to number the tiles but he completed it twice.

Elora has to complete the hundred board since William did.  William is building letters.

Apparently I waited too long to introduce the tens boards.  She flew through it.  I'm going to introduce counting 1 through 100 with it      this week.

Elora graduated to the exchange beads with the addition snake game.  Obviously, I have been running to catch up with her.  I only had to show her once.

She finished the snake and is counting the beads.

She made her own snake.  It was rather large but she completed it.

Proud of her spelling words.

Lockelan likes to hammer.

and hammer...

You can see that the bruised hand doesn't slow him down.

Weaving ribbon onto a small metal shelf.

So that was a small glimpse of school last week.  I hope everyone has a wonderful week!
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