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Bess began working with Microsoft SharePoint in 2003 and has worked with every version since, including 2016 and Office 365.  She enjoys leveraging her business analyst skills to assist organizations in getting the most out of their Microsoft investment.

During her Information Technology journey, Bess discovered the joys of improvisation.  She has traveled the country to study improv, including the top three schools in Chicago – The Second City, iO, and The Annoyance.  She performs locally with Dinner Detective and is the director of Indy Improv Collaborative, an improv troupe nominated for Nuvo’s Best of Indy in 2017.

Bess combines her improv skills with her 20 years of corporate experience in Information Technology, allowing her to specialize in collaborative solutions.  She is the owner of Collaborative Ventures, LLC.

Bess lives in Indianapolis, IN where she is raising her three children.

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Favorite Kindle Apps

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Welcome to WWW Wednesday!

In the interest of full disclosure I will admit that I LOVE Amazon.com.  I have been shopping on the site since the late 90s.  I purchase a number of our household and grocery items there through subscribe and save.  We are Prime members and love the free videos.  And of course, I buy a wide range of school supplies there too.

My husband got a Kindle Fire for his birthday in December.  I instantly fell in love... madly, deeply in love.  I thought it was a simply a full color e-reader.  I had no idea it could do so much more.  My wonderful husband surprised me with my own Kindle Fire for Valentine's Day.  I was shocked and excited.  It has become instrumental in managing both the household and school.  I have no doubt that the more I use it, the more ways I'll find to integrate it.

I am very fortunate the I have most of my Montessori albums in electronic format so it was simple to move them to my Kindle.  I still need to refer to my binder from time to time when giving a lesson.  Using my Kindle is much less obtrusive.  I can also bookmark the lesson ahead of time or perform a quick search if I'm trying to find something on the fly.

What has really opened up the possibilities is the apps that are available.  So far there are three I find myself accessing every day.

Out of Milk - This application allows you to create to-do lists and shopping lists.  It is extremely easy to use.  You can create as many lists as you like as well as copy and backup your lists.  The biggest point that separates this app from other to-do list applications is that there is an online companion with the pro version.  This means I can manage my to-do lists from any web browser as well and sync this with my Kindle.  My husband has purchased the pro version of this app as well.  We are able to share our to-do lists with one another.  It's fun to put surprise items on his honey-do list.

CalenGoo - This application allows you to put your Google calendar on your Kindle.  You can use it offline and then sync it when a wifi connection is available.  I love having this available when out and about so I can schedule appointments directly on the device.  As with Out of Milk, we can access this via a computer or the Kindle.  My husband and I both share the calendar.  For the first time in history we have one family calendar!

gReader -  I adore reading other blogs.  Google reader is my go to blog reader of choice so it's no surprise that I love the app for the Kindle.  It puts all of my parenting and Montessori blogs right at my fingertips.  The interface is reminiscent of the traditional online experience.  And even better, the posts I read on my Kindle are marked as read everywhere.  If you enjoy a more magazine like experience for Google Reader, I also recommend trying Pulse, which comes preloaded on the Kindle Fire.

What applications have you found useful for organizing your household?  Perhaps I'll write about my kid's favorite apps in the future.
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