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School Week Recap

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School hasn't been as organized as I would prefer lately but the children are still enjoying it immensely and continue to thrive.  I'm thankful that I can simply unleash them in the classroom.  I wouldn't consider them fully normalized but they do require less reminders about care of the classroom and respectful use of the materials these days.

Here are some of the activities they chose this past week:

William loves to feed our classroom pet, a beta.  

I changed up the drawing parallel lines with crayons activity to drawing concentric circles with markers.  Yes, she should be sitting at a table for proper positioning but this was the best I was going to get.

William has taken an interest in his counting beads.  He liked sorting them by colors and counting each one.  He's still a bit off on his one to one correspondence but he is spontaneously counting quite high now.

The open and close basket has remained popular since it was put out about 2 years ago.

Elora matched miniature insects to insect picture cards.  The insects are from a Toob and the cards are self made.

Elora matched fabric squares, first by feel by selecting the out of the bag and then by sight.

The alphabet tubs are still used every time.  Here Elora is exploring the N tub.  She decided to wear the necklace.

This may not be the most "Montessori" based infant seat but Lockelan loves it.  He's getting very good at grabbing onto the animals.

William is placing his counting pegs.  He does recognize smaller quantities and loves to call them out.

Elora started on some pattering work with coins but apparently it was exhausting.  

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