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Potting a Plant: Take Two and Window Washing

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Several weeks ago we tried to pot a plant for a botany lesson.  Unfortunately, Elora snapped the stem and the plant did not make it.  You can read about that adventure here.

This time around I selected a pothos plant for each of them.  They are durable, have high water needs (i.e. can survive being flooded by a toddler) and are generally difficult kill. I decided to get one plant for each of them (did I mention they're economical too).  They were both extremely excited.

We practiced our gentle touch as we placed the plant in the pot.

William waters the potted plant.

We also went through the needs of plants like last time.

The plants now adorn the window sill.

In addition to planting, William has suddenly taken an interest in reading.  Books have always held his attention well but now I find him specifically seeking out simple readers.  I haven't heard him to try sound out words yet but he does like to point out the letters.

Valentine's may be long gone but the heart counting work is still on the shelves.  She really likes pretending to put nothing in the heart container marked zero.

Here they are both hard at work at the language table.  Elora is sharpening pencils.  She has really taken to that activity since I found the sharpener that indicates when a pencil is sharp enough.  William has been attracted to the folder works over the last two weeks.  He especially enjoys the image matching ones.

William made his own sorting work out of the colored pencils.

And finally I'll end with this video of William washing the windows by the front door.  He decided on this activity and retrieved the window cleaning caddy.  Normally we clean the windows on the french doors so there is more room.  And yes, that's me with occasional giggle on the other side of the camera.  We have practiced spraying three times but it's inevitable that my window is going to get soaked.

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