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A Little School Here and There

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If you've noticed, I've been short on posts lately.  Things have been a bit interesting here, but overall we're doing well.  We started with Elora's neck (probably not arthritis related), her eyes (definitely arthritis related), Lockelan's knee (possibly William related) and one very sick daddy followed by a unexpected out of town business trip.

Through it all, we sneak in school when we can.  Here's some of the things we've been up to...

We moved on to Mexico in our study of countries.

As with each country, I found three prayer requests in the book Operation World.  Elora has been particularly moved to pray for Mexico.  Instead of following along as I prayed, she listened to the requests and chose to pray on her own.

William still loves the continent boxes.  Here he is looking at pictures of North American landmarks.  He asked me what each one was.  He found Niagara Falls the most interesting.

He laid out the cards and matched them.  To my surprise, he even picked them up and put them away without a reminder.

Elora is becoming more and more interested with the maps.  I tried to introduce pin punching but she wasn't interested.

Elora worked with the colored bead stair.  Here she is counting them and putting them in order.

William waters his plant.  This has been a huge hit.  So far the plants are thriving.

William is using the counting cards.  And yes, he isn't wearing pants.  He is suddenly interested in potty training.  To my surprise he has done extremely well.

I introduced William to the Twist and Sort.  He worked with it for a long time.

Lockelan does not like laying down but isn't quite ready to sit up.  He enjoys the Bumbo, even though his size makes it a challenging fit.  He's the first of the three to like it.  He likes it when I place him in front of a mirror.

Elora is working on an initial vowel sound exercise.  I'm a bit worried that I'm slowing her down on her reading.  She's very hit and miss with pink series work.  She doesn't have much patience with it.  I want her to go through all the steps even though she's reading most CVC words now.  Most of her language explosion occurred when she was quite ill and confined to the couch for months on end.  She progressing but it's the one area where I can't seem to read her.  I know it's hard when a sensitive period is missed but there was little I could do given the situation.  Any ideas are appreciated!

William love these letter finding cards.  He started out by identifying the letter b, as the card indicates.  Then he wanted to color on every letter, although he did identify each one correctly.

Elora is sifting objects from the colored rice.  She then has to match them to the correct word.  So far she has placed "nut".

We've been working on the silence game and have graduated to the longer timer.  William is fairly hit or miss but Elora is starting to enjoy it.  She likes to rest her arms on her legs and close her eyes.  I think she's better at it than I am!

We've spent some time listening to our composer for the month, Johann Sebastian Bach.  Both Elora and William have been interested in his work.  Sometimes I let it play in the background while they work.  William has been asking about the various instruments while Elora tends to focus on how each piece sounds overall.

Elora wanted to use the slate to draw about the music.  When we took her to see the local symphony perform Carmina Burana, she requested some paper and a pen and did something similar.  It was interesting to watch her draw fast or slow and straight or curves based on what the music was doing.  She has a unique way of feeling it and expressing it return. 

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