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Loving Little Boys

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My sweet little William is growing up as well as growing into full toddler hood.  One of my favorite qualities about him is his intense passion for life.  Of course, sometimes this translates into some interesting moments.  These are a few of the posts I've stumbled upon in the last week that I've found helpful.

1 - I adore the toddler calm down ideas from Little Hearts Books.  The calm-me bottles are brilliant and they are on my project short list.  We have already cleared out an area on the main floor for our own comfort corner as well.  I found a tent tutorial from Cakies.  I'll post pictures once I have ours setup.

2 - Beautiful Sun Montessori posted a great technique for helping resolve conflict.  While I'm not sure that my little guy will fully understand it yet, we plan to implement this immediately.  I think the simple act of lovingly touching both children will go a long way to removing the tension.

3 - The post "I Let My Child Say No" at Blogher gave me some food for thought.  I've been trying to be more of "Yes" mom.  I see the next step as letting my child tell me no.  For some reason, hearing no from my child causes an immediate gut reaction.  This article reminded me that my children have their own wills.  Most of the time their "no" just means they don't want to do something, not that they want to defy me.

4 - And of course for the moments where you need to tell your child no, How We Montessori has a great post on how to say "No" the Montessori way.

5 -I want to end with a lovely little post by Team Studer called  25 Rule for Mothers of Sons.

I hope you enjoy them as well.  If you have any related articles, please share in the comments!
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