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Knobless Cylinders and 3 Part Cards

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If you saw our Family and Fun Friday post then you know last week was a bit difficult for us.  No one felt well, especially not me!  We managed one full day of school opposed to our scheduled four.  At least it was a very productive day.  I took lots of pictures to make up for it.  :-)

 I put a new work out on the shelves and it drew their interest before I could get circle time started.  It is a coin patterning activity.

Here William gives it a try.  He used it like a one to one correspondence activity.   They both find coins very interesting.

Here Elora is placing her flags for the country of the week during circle time.

Elora thought it was funny to sit at the toddler table and pour beans.  It's surprising to think she used to fit the table herself.

William is spooning colored alphabet pasta.  He was very careful to move every last piece.

Elora finally showed interest in 3 part cards!  She asked if she could look at the famous places set for North America.  I put the master cards in rows for her but she did the rest.

She even matched the labels.  She was interested in which places I, or other members of the family, had visited.

William wanted to use the animal cards for North America.  He had his own way of laying them out.  He would occasionally bring an animal to me so I could identify it.  He was very proud of himself.

William waters the plant.  Yes, it is still making it (if you read about the stem snapping incident last week).

We all sang the 3 Speckled Frogs song and acted it out.

Elora discovered that the red knobless cylinders are the same size as our knobbed cylinders.  As you'll notice, I did not purchase the full sized blocks way back when.  Sometimes I wish I had.  At the same time, I'm happy that the half blocks match the knobless cylinders perfectly and fit easily on the shelves.

Here she further explores the relationship.  This is also a good reason to research your supplies.  I know a number of people who have had issues with their sets being sized the same.  Ours match exactly.

Doing some knobless cylinder extensions from Montessori Print Shop.

She also built a number of towers.

She told me this tower was just like the CN Tower we had seen earlier in the 3 part cards.

William had his own tower building party.

Elora is looking at the L alphabet tub.

William is working with the locks and latches board... a long time favorite!

This is quart and marble.  We used them in a story for our geology lesson.

Lockelan is enjoying the new mobile I made him.  I got this idea from Growing a Godly Girl.  You get your own mobile to print from Jan Andrea at home on the web.

 At one point I laid down next to him.  It is pretty mesmerizing.

You can see how hard he is concentrating.  He really enjoys it.

Here is my shelve of albums.  Most of my albums are from the course I am taking from Karen Tyler.  The white albums are from My Montessori House.

And finally... this is my planning binder.  I will be covering this in great detail this month as part of a Tips and Tricks Tuesday.. so stay tuned!

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