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Valentine's Day and Other Surprises

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We had a lovey Valentine's Day.  I finished the activity wallets for the kids just in time.  These are the laminated cards I made to put inside.  There was a mix of family photos, learning cards and some fun items. 

This pink wallet was for Elora.  I have added a notebook and pen.

Here are more cards and extra paper.  I added sheets of stickers to the zipper pouch.

The kids got special treats from Grandma and Gaffer.

William wasn't pleased when I wouldn't let him eat it all.

We made salt dough ornaments as inspired by Little Wonders' Day.

Elora tried even rolled her own dough.

She decided to make her own shapes with cookie cutters she had in her play kitchen.

I found this bottle of sparkling cranberry juice on clearance.  It was a hit.

We had "breakfast" for dinner.  I cooked the bacon in the oven at the same time as the ornaments.

And of course we had heart shaped pancakes!

Since we spent the last two weeks talking about love, I wanted to finish with the greatest love story of all!  We talked about what sin does to our hearts and how Jesus Christ came to wash us clean.

I never could have imagined how much she hung onto the story.  She wanted to tell it again herself.  She painted the heart and recounted times she had been unkind to William.

Then she washed the heart and made it clean.  She told me how unfair it was that Jesus had done nothing wrong.  She wanted to do it several more times.

When we were finished we gave the kids their special baskets which included their busy wallets.

As if the week wasn't lovely enough, Matt ended up with two surprise days off work due to a recent project completion.  We did a number of fun things as a family... some of which I will discuss on Monday.

The kids received  some money from Me-maw and Pa-paw for Valentine's Day.  In the past we have always put money directly in their savings account.  We thought it would be fun to let them spend it just this once.  It's very rare for them to pick out their own toys.  They each got to carry their money, which they were excited about.  We helped them figure out what they could afford and how much money they had left.  They checked out individually and were so excited to pay.  Elora picked out a Littlest Petshop playset while William got an RC Train and a tub of large plastic bugs.  I generally can't tolerate Toys R' Us but it was worth it. 

They decided to pool their leftover change so that each of them got a ride before they left.

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