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Montessori Is Everywhere

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I'm deviating a bit from my standard Montessori Monday post.  While I generally focus on what is happening inside the classroom, this week I will talk about a few more spontaneous Montessori moments that happened this past week.  My comprehension of the Montessori Method is constantly evolving, just as I am.  More and more I am learning to find the Montessori everywhere we go.

While I was occupied with our youngest Elora found a set of number cards in her activity cabinet.  I came into our living room to find this (and yes, I did run back for the camera).  It's amazing to see her desire to learn.

I showed her how to move the 9 and 10 to the end.  Then she could match the next set of numbers in the same manner as the hundred board.

The set also came with quantity cards.  She proceeded to match these to the numbers.  I get so excited when I see her coming up with her own work that I have to be careful not to distract her.

We are very fortunate to have one of the world's best children's museum nearby.  My husband was given two surprise days off of work so we were able to visit as a family.  The amount of hands on activities available here is amazing.  We allowed the children to pick where they wanted to go and explore each activity as long as they wanted.

They both wanted to visit the dinosaur area.  They practiced excavating fossils.

Elora explored a life sized dinosaur nest.

We spent a very long time in this exhibit.  Both William and Elora worked diligently to gather up all the shapes around the room and place them in this wall.  What amazed me the most was how little they spoke to one another.  They never verbalized their plans yet they immediately began working towards the same goal.

Once they had completed and admired their work, Elora removed all the pieces and began again.  Here you can see her surrounded by all the pieces.  We were fortunate that the museum was nearly empty because I'm not sure how they would have reacted if the exhibit had been crowded.

They worked to clear rubble from a passageway that lead to an Egyptian Tomb.  They both adored this as well.

There was a bin for emptying the bucket.  It had a conveyor that would deposit the rubble right back where it began.

And so the work began again!

They also dressed up in replica scuba gear and explored an accurate recreation of a Captain Kidd ship wreck.

They learned about physics in a rotating drum.  Learning should be fun!

William enjoyed becoming part of a large kaleidoscope in the hall of mirrors.

And yes the little guy was with us.  He may have been too little to pick up rocks or tumble in a rotating drum but he did enjoy experiencing the excitement all around through sight, sound and smell.  And on a separate note, Lockelan rolled from back to front today.  He was very proud of himself.

What are some of your favorite spots for experiential learning outside of the classroom?
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