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Valentine's Countdown

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Our week started like this:

And no, her cheeks aren't swollen, just red.  This picture does not accurately show how red they got.  So yes, we have spent the week passing something around.  Since no one has had a high fever I'm currently going with Fifths Disease instead of Roseola.  I am not immune to Fifths so I really hope the achy body, mild cold and slightly red cheeks I experienced means I won't have to worry about it for my *next* pregnancy.  William has just started to run a fever.  The poor little guy is miserable but I think we might have teething in the mix for him.  Lockelan ran a low-grade yesterday but hasn't had any symptoms yet.  Given that everyone was exceptionally tired and whiney this week, not much happened.

William has been able to dress himself for a while but he has a new-found interest in accessorizing.  I have a small dressing basket available to him so he can practice.  You can see the basket hanging on the side of the stroller.

Our littlest guy gets cuter every day.  He is cherished by all of us.  He's growing fast but remains as happy as ever.  I love how he goes with the flow... the loud and wild flow that is our home.

Elora and William are both very attentive to his needs.  These days it's common to find a beloved possession tucked in with him.  Elora and William had been fighting over this stuffed panda earlier in the morning.  I was surprised when they ended their arguing in agreement that Lockelan would like it best.

Since everything was out of whack this week I tried to liven the mood by making some gluten free sweet potato browns.  Here the kids are shredding the peeled sweet potatoes.

They are absolutely delicious.  Here is the recipe if you'd like to try them.  They are really easy.  We replaced the 1.5 cups of flour with Pamela's Baking Mix to make the gluten free.  I also cut the baking powder in half.  And yes, I'm responsible for the bottom left corner of the pan.  I HAD to make sure they were good.  :-)

I've started the Valentine's Day preparations around the house.  I created this Valentine Countdown chain thanks to Catholic Icing.  Each link in the chain contains a Bible verse about love.

Here are the books that we are putting in the holiday/seasonal book basket.

I still need to setup a Valentine making activity for school.  For gifts I am using cheap wallets to make travel activity sets.  I'll post more on that next week.
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