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School Week In Review 2/6-2/10

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Last week's school adventures had its ups and downs.  We had one extended period of focused work time that was so beautiful that all I could do was sit and take it in.  Of course, we also had a challenging moment where William chose to disrespect Elora's sifting work which resulted in colored rice covering half the room.

I added sponge squeezing this week.  It was fairly popular.  Once they get good at this task I'm going to change it washrag wringing, mostly for personal reasons.  They love to help me wipe down things around the house.

This is a Valentine practical life work with a math twist.  You have to open each heart container, add the correct number of smaller hearts and then close it again.

I marked one with the number 0.  We spent a while talking about the concept of zero.  We took turns handing each other various numbers of mini hearts, including zero!

William decided to put magnetic letter up on the mini whiteboard.  He liked to call out the sound as he placed them.

I added a work for putting together a flashlight.  It kicked off our Physical Science album.  I was surprised at how easily they both got it.  They both used the flashlight to investigate other items in the room.  This was wildly popular and almost triggered a peace rose lesson.

I played "Who Lives Where" with each of them.  Elora and I played it as a more traditional memory game.  William and I simply put each animal in the correct house.

I setup a work that allowed Elora to cut out her own hearts.  She had to fold the paper, place the template, trace it and then cut it out.  She had both successes and missteps, such as not folding the paper correctly or tracing the template on the wrong side.

William was deeply disappointed that he could not participate.

She was so excited each time she made a correct heart shape.

She insisted on decorating her heart with the sticker work.  I originally had small red doilies there.

William adored the using crayons activity.  I was surprised when he successfully attempted the more difficult variation of drawing parallel lines.

This was a lovely moment of peace.  Elora was exploring the relationship between the red and yellow knobless cylinders while William continued with the crayon activity.  You can tell how long this persisted based on the large pile of work he produced.

Lockelan was also working hard at the time.  He has started to bat at items and even managed to grab the ring several times.  His concentration amazed me.

Here Elora is placing one dinosaur on each number of the number rods.  I think we're ready to move on to counters.

Elora is drawing parallel lines.  She was excited because when she finished she thought it looked like a whale.

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