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Our Unusual Light Table and School Week Wrap Up

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Happy Monday!  Today I want to share a wonderful Craigslist find.  Many months ago I got the urge for a light table.  Instead, I found this for a whopping $10:

Yes, an overhead projector...  I wasn't sure how it would work out but overall, I'm thrilled. Not only does it offer the usual light table fun.

It also does this!   These are overhead projector pattern blocks projected on the dining room wall.

Elora found a lot of uses for the pattern blocks including making shapes and color mixing by overlapping pieces.  And yes, some of these pictures are older which is why she looks so young.

I introduced tesselations to Elora.  I started building a pattern and she wanted to finish it herself.

And here it is on the wall.

William has recently taken an interest in it as well.

Here Elora is trying to make shapes by watching her hands on the wall.

Another great find was overhead projector fraction circles.  

I even like the case for the circles.  She had to build each circle to put them away.

I bought a few transparency sheets so she could draw on them as well.

She liked watching herself.

I wrote her name and she copied it.  I was thrilled since she usually has no interest in writing.  We aren't certain but it's likely she has pain in her hands due to her arthritis.

She has had an intense interest in both geography and astronomy lately.  She decided to draw a map of planets.  She drew the houses that people live in as well.

We also have overhead letter tiles.  We played a game where I laid out several tiles to see if she could find the letter to spell her name.

She did it!

If you are interested in an overhead projector then I highly recommend checking Craigslist.  I purchased mine months ago but there still seems to be new listings every week.  I did a quick search and found two listings in our area for the past week alone, one which had several for sale at $20 each.  I'm not sure about all models but ours does not get hot.  There is an amazing amount of items designed for overhead projectors, most of which are fairly inexpensive.  I suggest visiting your local teacher supply store.

And of course we had our usual week of school activities.  Geography continues to be popular.  William really wanted to help with the flags which is why Japan has moved to South America.

Elora took an interest in the puzzle maps.  She had no problem completing the continents and could even identify a few.

She really wanted to work the North America map.  She needed my help to complete it but she enjoyed it.

She choose to explore the South America continent box.

She also completed a work I made for her.  We sorted items based on what needs electricity, batteries or doesn't require power.  We lost power for several hours a few weeks ago so she has had a lot of interest in this topic.  It also fits with our physical science work at the moment.

William is in a phase of repetition.  More towers, more sponge squeezing and more parallel lines.

He wanted to draw on the slate, which was a first for him.

I also caught him picking up a work he had accidentally knocked off the shelf without being asked.  I was very excited for him.  He's a bit of a tornado in the classroom sometimes, which is to be expected given his age.  I'm glad he's becoming a bit more gracious and concerned about the classroom.

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