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Printables and Montessori Music

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Welcome to WWW Wednesday where I share some of my favorite finds across the Internet on any of my favorite topics!

#1 - The Helpful Garden

I recently stumbled across a fantastic Montessori resource called The Helpful Garden.  This blog provides a large number of high quality, completely free printables in nearly every subject, including critical material such as the pink reading series.  I have already made several of these materials myself.

#2 - What DID We Do All Day?  Music Series

I really enjoy the blog What DID We Do All Day? and I highly recommend following if you enjoy great Montessori ideas.  Lately they have been posting a Montessori music series, which is a topic that does not get discussed very often.  The tips there are truly wonderful.

#3 -  Free Pass

The Extraordinary Ordinary posted a wonderful article on grace and motherhood.  It was exactly what I needed to hear today.  I hope that you will also read it and be encouraged.
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